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We are "Measurement, Control and Decision Support"

Automation and Control Technology, Inc. (ACT) is committed to working with our customers to provide integrated continuous web solutions to a wide range of industries. Our goal is to provide these industries the widest range of proven measurement, control and decision support technology. We use an open systems approach and deliver value-added capabilities with application specific solutions.

In today’s markets, manufacturers face a number of challenges. Raw material and energy costs are rising; competition is on the increase; and profit margins are squeezed. Your down stream customers are also finding it more difficult to remain profitable. In addition to expecting you to deliver a quality product, they expect you to be responsive, to deliver “just in time” so they can reduce their inventory levels. ACT can help you meet these challenges.

For over 50 years ACT has built a reputation of being responsive to customer requirements. Our systems provide our customers with solutions that:

Increase product throughput
Reduce downtime
Reduce scrap
Increase the efficiency of material utilization
Reduce costs of ownership
Continuous return on investment

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